Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference

If the news lately looks a bit like The Twilight Zone, it’s not just you.  There’s a lot going on in this bastion of freedom that doesn’t represent what the majority of Americans believe is right.

We’re not about click bait, click here –> THE VIDEO THEY KEEP DELETING.  Click to watch the video on Breitbart and we invite you to come back for our shows here.

Many of you are justifiably angry a handful of big tech companies keep censoring news content.  Americans keep trying to figure out what is really going on in our beloved republic.  We don’t want the perspective of some marxist on TV telling us to shelter in place for several more days or weeks or months from a disease that may or may not be as contagious or fatal as we’re told by health-related organizations.

The next thing we see disrupting our country is a tragic death that was quickly leveraged by a marxist organization to justify violent rioting.  American cities like Portland have seemingly plunged into chaos by treasonous criminals that are rioting, burning, and looting.  To make matters worse, it seems to be promoted and encouraged by elected officials in the city and state.  Yet when confronted, Rep. Jerry Nadler called it a myth.  What?!

My fellow Americans, it is important to take a stand for what is right.  We must each, in our own way, stand up against tyranny and the lies from the media complex and stand up for preserving the American way of life.

ARGnetworks is dedicated to family-friendly entertainment that best represents American values, not the values of a small minority of the most extreme left-leaning part of the population push from Hollywood.

We are speaking up in our own way here at ARGnetworks.  Most of what you will find here is entertainment.  But as the China virus has disrupted our economy and politicians have seized every available opportunity to use it to their advantage, we are now also dedicated to providing news we feel is relevant.  Starting today that includes this story that the liberal extremists are desperately working to make disappear.  All resources are being deployed by the political left and it is up to all of us to stand up to it however we can.

Matthew Perdie is credited on with the video that big tech (Facebook, Google/YouTube, and Facebook) keeps taking down.  Generally, we’ll post our own videos, but as Breitbart owns this, we’re posting a direct link to this video.  We miss Andrew Breitbart, but we are incredibly grateful he built a platform that continues on with his mission.  So, please watch the video and know there are people dedicated to fighting the good fight.  Carry on, Patriots!


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